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Kickball Rules


RULES: Kickball follows the same rules as softball/baseball with a few exceptions. I am not going into all the rules of baseball, but here are the basics that apply specifically to kickball or that should be considered..


  • The game will be a timed game: 
  • The games will be played for 28 minutes and then last inning will be called. 
  • One rep from each game should be assigned the timekeeper
  • Once last inning is called, if it is start of the top of an inning, that inning will be the final. If called at bottom, then one additional inning will be played.


  • A team can have a max of 10 players on the field if they have 4 of each gender.  9 if they only have three of a gender
  • If you have 9 or 10 players on the field, you must field  a catcher, 8 or less, you can leave it empty.
  • You may hit a runner with the ball for an out, You can do this by throwing or kicking. A runner is awarded a base for headshot
    • as long as the player is in normal running stance. If they fall or lean way over into the ball with head, it is an out
    • The Ball has to be a direct shot to the head. If it bounces off arm, shoulder, body and then contacts head it is an out
  • Three fielders need to be in the outfield at time of pitch, 1st base and 3rd base cannot encroach more than 7 feet from their base
  • Fielders must remain outside of the baseline. Interference will result in the runner being awarded the base. We do not want any injuries


  • The batting order must alternate between genders for as long as possible.
  • A team cannot bat more than 4 of a gender in a row, but you can bat all players. If the situation arises, after the 4th of same gender, start the rotation there.
    • i.e 7 males, 3 females: Bat F1, M1, F2, M2, F3, M4, M5, M6, F1, M7, F2, M1
  • If a team has less than 3 of each gender, than they must take an out per batter they are short, each time through the rotation
  • Three fouls and you are out
  • NO BUNTING BY ANYONE. A bunt is a kick that does not follow through or blatantly hit softly where it does not make an attempt to put the ball in play.


  • There is no leading or stealing. You must remain in contact with the base until the batter has made contact with the ball
  • Runner must remain in the baseline
  • There is only one base awarded on an overthrow. This is when a player throws the ball outside the foul lines in an attempt to make an out. If a runner is close to base, they can take additional base.
  • Runner cannot interfere with throws by the fielder. If they do the runner and the runner they were making a play on are both out.
  • First base has a safety base. USE THIS WHEN RUNNING DOWN BASELINE. This will help avoid collisions. 
  • Players can Tag-Up on Fly ball catches in fair or foul territory
  • There is NO SLIDING during the regular season. Playoffs we will allow head first sliding, but we just had too many unnecessary injuries from sliding. Injuries to baserunners and fielders.
  • Runners must stop advancing under these situations. 
    • They took the one base on an overthrow
    • Ball is thrown to the pitcher from the same side of the infield as the runner i.e Player is on 2nd and shortstop has the ball
    • Pitcher/defensive player has the ball within 12 feet of the mound 
  • Runners can proceed to next base under these situations: 
    • The ball is coming in from the outfield
    • The ball is on the opposite side of the infield. i.e Player in on 2nd and going to 3rd when the ball is on first. 
    • This rule is the trickiest. Please try not to just run through anything when the play is winding down. This being said, we also do not want close games to be punished by being too conservative.


  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. 
    • It is fully up to the league to decide the punishment for these actions. It could be game ejection, suspension, or removal from the league without refund. 
    • If you are wondering what consists of unsportsmanlike conduct, it is anything that takes away from the enjoyment of your fellow players, then it most likely fits. 
    • We are all here to have fun playing a childs game, but that does not mean you can act like a toddler having a tantrum.
  • Close calls: If a play is too tough to call and players cannot come to a conclusion, then the two team reps closest to the play will rock, paper, scissors for a non confrontational decision and my favorite rule 
  • Have a blast out there everyone. This league is not meant to be taken to serious. Enjoy yourselves and let loose. There are some great people, take the time to meet some of them.

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