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Killer Kickball Rules

Killer Kickball is a mash up of dodgeball and kickball. The game is more towards kickball, but with some dodgeball elements thrown in for an added twist. The game is played indoors on a basketball court. There are only 3 bases: 1st, 2nd, and home. There are no baselines and no force outs. A runner can go wherever they want and the fielders must tag or bean them with the ball. Scoring is similar to kickball with some bonus ways to score runs. Overall it is a game designed to let everyone have a good time with a lot of laughs. There will always be some form of chaos going on during the game so it will be fun. 


A team is made up of 8 players, with a minimum of 2 females. A team must have a minimum of 5 players and 2 must be females to play a game. If you cannot make a game please contact your captain directly or through the team page on the site. Captains should notify Shaun Conway at if their team is going to be short, so that we can work on finding replacements.

1) Games are 7 innings long or a maximum of 45 minutes. If there is less than 10 minutes left before the start of an inning, it will be designated as the final inning of the game.
2) There are maximum of 7 players or a minimum of 5 players(2 Females) on the field and a batting order must be set at the start of the game.

1) There are only three bases in the game. Home, First, and Second. Home plate is aligned directly under the basketball hoop.
2) The pitching area is 8 paces from home plate.
3) The distance to 1st and 2nd, which are located on the corners, will be 12 paces from home plate.
4) The ceiling is out of bounds
     A) A batter's kick that hits the ceiling results in a strike
     B) A fielder's throw/kick that hits the ceiling, will result in runners advancing one base
5) The only foul area on the court is to the left of 2nd base, all other walls are considered in play.

1) Teams will have a catcher, pitcher, 2 infielders, and 3 outfielders.
2)) No player is allowed inside the 8 paces to pitching area and the catcher must stay behind home plate. If a player is between home plate and pitching area, then the pitch will be called a ball.

1) The strike zone spans one foot on each side of home plate.
2) The ball must be rolled and not bounced.
3) Pitching speed will be a slow to medium pace. Players can come to agreement during game on what is acceptable.
4) 2 balls is a walk, and 2 strikes is an out.

1) The kicker must make contact with the ball before crossing home plate(They cannot run up past the plate), making contact in front of the plate results in a strike.
2) A ball that hits to the left of second base is a foul, a ball hitting the ceiling is a strike. All other kicked balls are considered in play.
3) There is NO BUNTING

1) Strikeout(2 strikes)
2) Caught fly ball
    A) A ball caught off the back wall is NOT an out, side wall is an out. Side wall, then back wall is an out
3) Tag out
4) Runner hit with a thrown/kicked ball below the neck

    A) A runner hit in the head is awarded the next base
5) If play stops and there are three runners on the base, the last runner to arrive at base is out
NOTE:  There are no force outs at any base, a runner must be contacted by the ball.

1) There are no baselines for running.
2) Two runners are allowed to occupy a base. If two players are on a base at the same time, they can leave the base in any order.
3) The two players can also form a chain on the base, by touching feet, to gain a lead. A players that breaks the chain or leaves the base before the ball is kicked will be out. Leading and stealing are illegal.
4) A runner may tag up on caught fly balls, but they must get all the way to a base or back to a base to be safe. A player must physically touch a base to be safe. The foot chain is for leading only!
5) If a base runner catches a ball thrown or kicked at him by a fielder, play stops. The team receives one run for the catch, and all base runners advance on base or to the base that they were advancing.
7) If play stops and there are more than 2 players on a base, the last player to arrive at the base is out. 

1) A runner crosses home plate

2) A runner catches a ball thrown or kicked at him by fielder scores one run and all runners advance one base
3) A kicker that hits the backboard of far basketball hoop scores a homerun, but all other runners only advance one base.
4) A kicker that hits the small square of far basketball backboard scores a home run and all runners score.
5) A kicker that get the ball in the far basket will score automatic 5 runs, plus all base runners

5) A runner is awarded 2nd base and there are already 2 runners on the base, the runner that was there first scores.

1) Fielders must try to stay out of the way of advancing runners unless they have the ball or are making a play on the ball. The runners always have the right of way. Any interference and the runner is awarded the base they were advancing towards.
2)Any ball that gets stuck on a kick will result in a rekick.
3) Any ball that gets stuck during the play, the play will stop and all runners stay on their current base, or if advancing, they get the next base.
3) This is a social sports league and a semi made-up game. We are all just out to have some fun, so there will be a zero tolerance rule for unsportsmanlike behavior. Depending on the level of absurdity, participants will be warned and/or banned from the league without refund.

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