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CASL in the News

CASL is starting to get some news coverage and it is greatly appreciated. The artile are pointing out that while we are absolutiely about the sports, we are also about the community. Trying to plug the hole that has the Cape losing 25% of the 25-45 year old population. This is why it is great to see articles, posts, radio segments with our local news sources. Anything that we can have to help spread the word and get more people involved, find new gym space, connect with local businesses and sponsors to help us achieve our goals. If you or anyone you know might be interested in doing a story or post about CASL. please email


Sports League Aims to Recruit More Cape Adults

DENNIS – A new group has been formed on the Cape, aimed at getting adults involved in sports and social activities.

The Cape Adult Sports League (CASL) was formed by Cape resident Shaun Conway, who moved from Denver to the Cape and wanted to create a league that promoted fun, good exercise and social aspects of sports.

“There’s a group of us that used to pay volleyball down at Smuggler’s Beach in Yarmouth and we just weren’t getting the numbers to be able to have enough people to play the game,” said Conway. “So we decided to switch it up and figured there must be other people out there that have the same thing, they want to get active, they want to have fun, want to be competitive.”  READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE


  • ADULT SPORTS: Cape league yields competition, fun and friendship

  •  By George Kostinas  
    Oct. 28, 2015 at 10:28 AM

             Boom! Boom! Boom!
    The sounds of balls echoing off the walls of the Wixon Middle School lower gym mingle with intermittent cheers of the players.
    It has come down to the last two players.
    Jennifer Leighton of The Mercenaries winds up and fires a ball at Sharon Blanchard of Can’t Dodge This.
    Blanchard deflects the ball with the ball she is holding in her hand and fires back at Leighton.
    A miss.
    Leighton grabs a ball and throws at Blanchard who makes a nifty move to avoid the ball and rifles one back at Leighton, hitting the target and giving Can’t Dodge This a dodgeball victory over The Mercenaries.
    Every Wednesday night from 6:20 until 8:30, more than 90 adult women and men get together to chuck small foamy balls at each other in a friendly, yet competitive night of dodgeball as part of the Cape Adult Sports League’s program of activities.
    The league was founded last spring by Shaun Conway as a way to bring people together for fun sports and social meetings.
    “A few summers ago I was at Smuggler’s Beach and we wanted to play volleyball, but we didn’t have enough people to play,” said Conway. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE



The Sunday journal is Cape Cod Broadcasting's award winning news and social affair program that has been around since 1979. Justin Saunders did a great interview with the founder of CASL: Cape Adult Sports League Shaun Conway. The interview was a great insight into how the league is more than sports and really helps connect the younger active adults to the community and to each other.




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